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Ayanda ist einer der jungen Aids Waisen die dieses Jahr das YES Programm abschliessen werden. In seinem Dankesbrief an Roland und Sibylle Wenger beschreibt er die wertvolle Chance für seinen persönlichen Erfolg, die er mit dem YES Programm erhalten hat. Die Arbeit von "ayoba" mit Euch allen als  Mitglieder und Spender macht dies möglich!

Hier der Brief von Ayanda, mit seiner Genehmigung zur Veröffentlichung auf der ayoba Website:

Dear Mr and Mrs Wenger

Words are too few to describe my greatest gratitude towards the opportunity you have given me at Sweetdale for the vacation work. The place has taught me a lot and especially how to be a man that is not just ordinary, but filled with the spirit of working-hard to achieve my goals no matter what the circumstances may be.

The outdoor Educational activities have made me develop my leadership skills such as being accountable, self- motivated , Planning ahead, being a critical- thinker, solving problems, coming up with good suggestions, time management and always being punctual , being responsible for my actions , Integrity and always conducting myself in a manner that is noble, helpful and good towards other people. All of these Leadership characteristics have made me realize that they is something so strong inside of me, and that I should always work towards being a shining stone and not like the rest of the gray stones, and that calls for me to be different which is something I am really prepared to do. And I have to say I am really sorry for being involved in the incident that happened, sometimes doing something just because others are doing it still doesn't make it right.

So with these few words I would like to say thank you very much for being there for me when I was in need, thanks you for the meals and the educational experience, you have been wonderful towards me and your influences were very powerful towards my life, and they changed my mind- set for the better. Mr Roland thank you Sir for being my guiding light, encouraging me to set myself apart from others, teaching me to do what's right and providing me with the relevant feedback's on my C.V, shaping my career and steps to being a better person in Life through being the head and not the tail, my obligations to you are infinite.

Now all that was taught to me is playing a major role in my life as I have returned back to University, especially the significance of the five value Contract, The Triple C, WDYS method, again I say thank you, they is no other place I would ever have learnt and these things which are the essence of a good and motivated leader.

The first thing you do to a cow before it gives you milk is that you feed it, now I truly understand this and thanks for the remuneration you have offered me I am highly grateful God bless you, this has really taught me that hard work pays off.

I really had a wonderful experience at Sweetdale, please continue doing your amazing work that changes people's lives and makes them think differently about life, because at Sweetdale WE MAKE IT HAPPEN! As Mr Roland would always tell me, it better to have a Golf with four wheels, than to have a Mercedes- Benz with three wheels.

Thank You.

Ayanda Masengemi

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